Mercy Memorial Book

At the entrances to our chapels in Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester, and the Philippines is a special Memorial  Book of names of those  who have completed their time on earth  and who are now enjoying eternal life. As our sisters enter our chapels to attend the Eucharistic Liturgy, make a visit or pray  together, they stop  to read the names for that  day and  pray for them throughout the day. At the end  of the year, the pages are turned back to January 1st and the names are prayed for again  each  day—each year, in all five geographic areas  of the  Sisters of Mercy. It is a perpetual remembrance of prayer—a  lovely way to memorialize those you love. If you would  like to  enroll  your  loved  ones  in our  Mercy Memorial Book, to  be remembered on their birth date  or death date, please complete the form below and mail in the  enclosed envelope. Your gift of $100 for each name will enroll  your loved ones with everlasting prayers, year after year. 

Click here to download the Mercy Memorial Book enrollment form.

Sr. Angela Marie Mastandrea, RSM touches a page in the Mercy Memorial Book outside Chapel in Buffalo.

Tribute Cards

Honor a friend or loved one, or celebrate a special occasion, with our tribute cards. You may choose from a variety of cards and occasions to celebrate by completing the order form below. They can be obtained by calling the development office at (716) 821-1648 or email



Memorial Cards  

Losing a loved one is always difficult. Knowing others care and are praying for you as well as the deceased can be most comforting. You can remember those who have died with a Memorial Card from the Sisters of Mercy. Your family and friends will be touched by your remembrance of their loved ones and the prayers of our sisters. 

The Memorial Card indicates that the deceased will be remembered in a monthly Eucharistic Liturgy on the second Monday of each month for a period of one yearand also at a special liturgy for the deceased during the month of November. 

Memorial Cards may be ordered with the form below, or by calling the development office at (716) 821-1648 or email


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