A Legacy to Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy Legacy Society is an association of special friends who make provisions in their Will to ensure that future generations will be able to share in the mission, works and   values of the Sisters Mercy.

Becoming a member of the Legacy Society requires only an expression of support for the work of the Sisters of Mercy and a statement of intention to give financial support through a bequest.

Legacy Society members inform the sisters of their intentions, sign a simple enrollment form and decide if they wish their membership to be public or anonymous.

No immediate gift is required or expected as a part of this decision. The amount and type of gift should be made in consultation with family members and financial advisors.

Benefits of membership

The Legacy Society provides members with a closer connection to Mercy.  As a Legacy Society member you receive:

  • Your name listed (if you so desire) in our publications as part of the Legacy Society membership roster.
  • Control of your assets.
  • Reduction or elimination of estate tax.
  • Remembrance in the daily prayers and works of the Sisters of Mercy, New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West Community.
  • Remembrance in a monthly Mass for the intentions of our Legacy Society members, both living and deceased.
  • An invitation to attend the Sisters of Mercy annual Benefactor Reception.
  • Recognition as a new Legacy Society member. Each year a tree is planted in honor of new members on the grounds of each area motherhouse.  These members are invited to a   blessing ceremony.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you have helped ensure the future mission of the Sisters of Mercy.

How to Become a Member

Please call Linda Sroka, Director of Development at (716) 821-0838 or email lsroka@mercynyppaw.org.

No immediate gift is required or expected as a part of this decision.

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